Thanks For Joining Me

Life doesn’t come with a set of rules and in our world things get messy and chaotic.

You want to be happy, have great relationships, love your job, and feel good about yourself, but there isn’t a map to get you there.

I know that feeling well!

My name is Kelly Eden. I’m a writer living in New Zealand. Last year when I left my marriage of 16 years, I was poor, broken-hearted, having panic attacks, and feeling lost. I thought I’d done everything “right” and my life was still in a mess. I dove into every podcast, book, and piece of research I could find to get my life to where I wanted it to be for my kids and I.

I’ve been a professional writer for magazines and online for over ten years now. Research is my passion. I love to explore psychology research, read up on relationships, and do my best to grow and improve. That’s what I did.

A year and a half later I was in the healthiest relationship of my life and got engaged. I feel more positive and confident than I ever have and my work life is booming.

Life is full of ups and downs. The important thing is that we keep learning. That’s why I write. I hope you’ll join me and we can navigate this life and learn together.

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Kelly is a professional writer living on the edge of a rainforest in New Zealand with her family. She has been writing, editing, and coaching writers for over 14 years.